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The age old paper trading conundrum: is it worth your time and trouble to paper trade? Well, it depends on your reasons for paper trading. If you're using a trade simulator that tracks your results and mimics real money trading as closely as possible, it is a great way to learn the mechanics of placing your trades and personality of the market. However, if you think you're going to get the same results with real money as you do with mock trading, then you may be in for a rude surprise.

The following places offer online paper trading, mock trading or trade simulators:

  • Market Skill-Builder
    Chart-based technical trading simulation and paper trading practice program.
  • Let's Trade Futures
    Futures trading simulator and a basic price charting package designed especially for new traders. 
  • LimitUp!
    Good tool for the beginning futures trader to learn about commodities. Experienced traders can use it to practice trading multiple markets in real or compressed time. LimitUp! is a shareware product.
  • Mock Trading
  • Real Live Paper Trading
    You can trade all U.S.-based futures and options by telephone or by internet. It also comes with plenty of educational support.
  • STOCK-TRAK Portfolio Simulations
    The #1 College Investment Game, used by over 600 professors. Featuring Stocks, Options, Futures, Mutual Funds, Bonds, and International Stocks.
  • The Virtual Trading Room, Inc.
    Online educational resource for Commodity Futures and Options Trading. 


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